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Email is a vital part of almost every company. When email is not working properly it can severely limit a companies ability to collaborate internally and externally. Netirio provides email migration to Microsoft 365 from any other provider. In addition to email migration we can also migrate things like contacts, calendars, personal drives from google workspace and more!

Why Choose Netirio for Email Migration Services?

Netirio is a leader in consulting for Email Migration services. We provide the software and services to migrate the total workspace per user from other platforms to Microsoft 365. We have performed migrations for thousands of email users. Usual turn around times for simple projects is 1-2 weeks and more complex projects can take a long as 1 month. For smaller email migrations that are simple in complexity we charge $100/user for more complex jobs it can cost as much as $125/user. If you would like to get complete pricing please fill out the contact form and one of our sales people will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Netirio's Approach To Email migration services

Netirio has a roadmap that use to navigate simple and complex email migrations. From complete Google Workspace migrations to simple POP3 email accounts we are the go-to provider for flat rate email migrations. We also do Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant migrations for companies that have merged or want to use one tenant for multiple domain names.

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