Managed IT Services for
Non-Profits in Denver, Colorado

What are Non-Profit Managed IT Services?


Non-profit managed IT services are services that are focused on proactive maintenance of computers and networks. Ensuring that non-profit staff are able to work safely and efficiently. They also involve cloud backup of all important data providing safe keeping for years to come so that audits are passed with ease.


Non-profits can benefit from Managed IT services in a few different ways. In the post we will show you the benefits non-profits receive when partnering with Netirio for Managed IT Services.



When looking at budgeting for a fiscal year, many non-profits have IT budgets that they need to conform to in order to successfully operate. Netirio’s flat-rate Managed IT Services are the perfect solution for companies that need to know what they will pay over the course of the year. In addition to that, Netirio often provides Professional Service hours in-kind to non-profits.



Non-profits require a high level of security with their data and information. This is due to the nature of receiving charitable contributions on credit cards and other items. It also comes in the form of making sure that they store data for many years in order to stay compliant and keep their non-profit status.


On-Demand IT Support

Netirio provides on-demand IT support when your employees need it the most. We provide fast turn around with an average ticket time of 15-minutes from start to close.


If you are part of a non-profit in Denver, Colorado and are looking to partner with an IT provider that knows your industry. 



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